Here It Comes: The BP Oil Disaster Movie

Here It Comes: The BP Oil Disaster Movie

Mar 09, 2011

  • While we wait for Brad Pitt’s production company to buy the film rights to the riveting Chilean miners’ story, the studio that brought us the blockbuster I-heart-vegetarian-vampires-more-than-Native-American-werewolves franchise better known as Twilight is bringing us its next disaster movie. Summit Entertainment has teamed up with Participant Media to bring us a movie version of the BP Oil Disaster. Early plot details suggest that the movie will focus on the events leading up to the massive oil disaster and chronicle the “great heroism that took place.” No word yet if BP will have the gripping dialogue or tepid directing that the Twilight franchise has featured (so far), but thankfully this drama won’t feature Kristen Stewart or a sparkly vampire who feeds on animals… although there was a lot of wildlife killed during the disaster… --Derrick Deane

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