'Here Comes the Boom' Trailer Turns Kevin James Into an MMA Fighter

'Here Comes the Boom' Trailer Turns Kevin James Into an MMA Fighter

Jun 26, 2012

Did you watch Warrior and think, "This is great and all, but I wish this movie was all about the teacher turned MMA fighter?" That's kind of what Here Comes the Boom looks like-- and we mean that as a compliment. We're a sucker for not only feel-good, underdog sports movies but 'save the Rec Center' types as well, and the latest from The Wedding Singer and Click director Frank Coraci aims to combine the two.

Kevin James stars as a high school biology teacher who decides to become a mixed-martial arts fighter in order to raise enough money to stave off the school's budget cuts. And that sounds like a perfectly reasonable plan when you see saving the school's music program means he also gets to impress fellow teacher Salma Hayek.

Check out the first trailer, thanks to Fandango, below for the Sony Pictures film, which also stars Henry Winkler and hits theaters October 12, 2012.

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