Here Are Our Ideas for '23 Jump Street' Through '32 Jump Street'

Here Are Our Ideas for '23 Jump Street' Through '32 Jump Street'

Jun 16, 2014

21 Jump Street told the story of what happened when super cops Morton Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Greg Jenko (Channing Tatum) went undercover as high school students. This summer's 22 Jump Street tells the story of what happens when they go undercover as college students. As a friendly service, here are our ideas for all the future Jump Street sequels and what kind of crazy undercover work they will require from this amazing cop-buddy duo.

Disclaimer: This piece was originally written before we watched 22 Jump Street and were made aware of its fantastic end-credits sequence.

23 Jump Street

Getting Married

Someone is murdering single men in the metro area, and the only way to discover the culprit is for Jenko and Schmidt to go undercover as lonely bachelors deeply in need of wives. This, of course, goes much easier for Jenko than Schmidt, which causes their partnership great tension. Unexpectedly, they both end up falling in love for real and getting married.


24 Jump Street

Purchasing a House

A scam artist has been selling bunk houses to would-be first time home owners. This happens to come at exactly the moment when Jenko and Schmidt need to purchase suburban houses for themselves. The team take a two-prong approach. Schmidt poses as a vulnerable sucker hoping to flush out the bad guy while Jenko goes undercover at a real estate agency to see if he can drum up any suspects from within the real estate community. Their separation causes their partnership great tension that isn't patched up until Jenko ends up selling Schmidt a great home.


25 Jump Street

Giving Birth

Women are falling prey to a mysterious Lamaze instructor hawking a miracle pill that supposedly gives their children superpowers but actually only gives the children an additional ear. Jenko and Schmidt initially intend to use their pregnant wives as a means to go undercover and seek out this nefarious villain. But upon realizing that their wives cannot play their roles convincingly enough, Schmidt must post as Jenko's pregnant wife instead. This causes their relationship great tension.


26 Jump Street

Corporate Takeover

A well-known powerful businessman is using illegal means to buy out and internally destroy his competitors. There is not enough evidence to arrest him, so Jenko and Schmidt go undercover as middle management office workers to gather intel. Jenko's powerful ability to win over others earns him many promotions which cause he and Schmidt's relationship great tension.


27 Jump Street

Outer Space

Space Marines on a Martian outpost find themselves plagued with an alien being which can perfectly mimic any human it wants. It's up to Jenko and Schmidt to fly to Mars and investigate the team in hopes of discovering who is still human and who has fallen prey to an alien host. Schmidt himself finds himself overtaken by the alien, but Jenko saves him by shooting his body into the sun. This life debt causes their relationship great tension.


28 Jump Street

Giving Birth Again

Everyone loved the "Giving Birth" Jump Street movie so much - and the "Outer Space" one so little - that it's time for Jenko and Schmidt to get pregnant again! But this time Schmidt gets to play the husband, while Jenko must dress up like a pregnant lady. This reversal of roles causes their relationship great tension.


29 Jump Street


Not even a second "Giving Birth" Jump Street movie could resuscitate the flagging franchise, so it's time for a reboot. In this film, the sons of Jenko and Schmidt must go undercover as elementary school students to flush out a notorious bad boy who has been destroying toilets with cherry bombs. In this iteration of the Jenko-Schmidt team, it is Schmidt's son who has all the charm and good looks while Jenko's boy struggles with nerdiness. This causes their relationship great tension.


30 Jump Street

Reboot Reboot

No one liked the elementary school remake, so this next film refocuses on old-school Schmidt and Jenko. Their children don't even show up for a cameo (though Tina Yothers and Bill Clinton do). Someone is selling drugs to high school kids again, so Schmidt and Jenko must go undercover as the school's principal and vice principal, respectively. This placement of Schmidt as Jenko's superior in a position he actually performs with great poise causes their relationship great tension.


31 Jump Street

Old Folk's Home

Finally in their golden years, Jenko and Schmidt must go undercover in an old folk's home to discover which old person is purposefully spreading a nonfatal STD to all the residents. Because there is so much romantic action happening among these old people, the only way for Jenko and Schmidt to really discover their bad guy is to join the fray and make themselves vulnerable to the STD as well. Obviously, Jenko is better at hooking up than Schmidt, and this causes their relationship great tension.


32 Jump Street

Heaven & Hell

Jenko and Schmidt die and go to Heaven. But once there, angels tell them of a hidden demon who is stealing souls with promises of a good time down in Hell. To figure out who is behind this, Jenko and Schmidt must travel to Hell and pose as evil people while also suffering many physical and psychological torments, many of which lay bare the duo's deeper feelings about each other, which causes their relationship great tension.




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