This 'Hercules' Clip Rises Out of the Ground and Attacks You

This 'Hercules' Clip Rises Out of the Ground and Attacks You

Apr 10, 2014

How does a Hercules movie stand out in a year that features not one, but two separate Hercules movies? Well, simple: you get Dwayne Johnson to play Hercules, and you have him wear lion's skin on top of his head as he prepares to do battle like a boss. 

The first clip from Brett Ratner's Hercules has arrived online, and in it a bunch of tattooed, pierced-up dudes rise out of the ground as part of some sort of sneak attack against Hercules, who's got his army and his skinned lion hat, and is about to put those raging muscles to good use.


Ratner's never done a movie like this before (the biggest film he's directed is probably X-Men: The Last Stand), and we have to admit it looks sufficiently creepy and pretty badass. If its got freaky, memorable characters like these bald warriors throughout the movie, this may be a fun one. A crazy one. An unexpected summer highlight?

This is a role Johnson was born to play -- and he'll tell you that himself. Hercules is a character he's been itching to portray for years now, and Ratner definitely gave him plenty to play with. Do you think they'll sell the lion hat in stores? We want to wear it next time our neighbors complain about the music being too loud. Or would that be too much?

The film hits theaters on July 25. What do you think?





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