'Hellraiser: The Series' to Possibly Tear Your Soul Apart on Television Soon

'Hellraiser: The Series' to Possibly Tear Your Soul Apart on Television Soon

Apr 03, 2012

What is it about Pinhead and Hellraiser once you take them out of Clive Barker's debauched universe? Hollywood's insistence to drag the dark and deranged cenobite through over-the-top sequels and weird remakes has left Pinhead looking like the lonely goth kid swaying by himself at the prom. He's out of his element, which truly is amongst Barker's wicked, imaginative realm. To make matters worse, Variety and JoBlo (who we got this swanky, little picture from — is it real?) are reporting that there may be a Hellraiser television series coming soon.

Studios are presently scheming to develop a small screen franchise based on the delightfully gory tale. Executive producer potentials Eric Gardner and Larry Kuppin both ran the show for the first two Hellraiser films — essentially the best of the messy bunch (though we kind of like Bloodlines) — and it looks like they'll both have a hand in the television version should it get the green light. There aren't many more details beyond this, but it gives fans of the movie series something to chew on.

Obviously the network is trying to cash in on name recognition — and the popularity of other horror series like The Walking Dead and American Horror Story have opened up a few more doors for R-rated genre bits on the boob tube — but is this really the way to go? Can you see a Hellraiser series performing successfully? Will it be just like another terrible remake? More importantly, will they set it in space? Discuss below.

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