'Hell No!' Is the Most Sensible -- and Hilarious -- Faux Horror-Movie Trailer of 2013

'Hell No!' Is the Most Sensible -- and Hilarious -- Faux Horror-Movie Trailer of 2013

Oct 16, 2013

Hell No the Sensible Horror Film
If you've ever watched a horror film and found yourself screaming at the screen every time a main character is about to do something incredibly stupid, you're not alone -- and you're going to like this new short faux trailer from Joe Nicolosi's Pixels Per Second a whole lot.
Entitled Hell No!: The Sensible Horror Film, this three-minute clip from the guy who brought us the cult indie favorite about the dark side of Super Mario takes all your favorite horror tropes and turns them on their head. Spoofing Hellraiser, Evil Dead, countless slasher films and The Ring (amongst other titles), this clip finds all the characters doing sensible things and living to fight another day. Strange voice telling you to open that puzzle box? Probably best to skip it. Best friend wants you to watch his copy of a videotape where everyone who sees it dies five days later? Smash that thing into pieces instead of popping it into your VHS player.
Check out the trailer below and prepare to be amused. If Nicolosi and his small indie team can make something this entertaining with so few resources, how come the Scary Movie guys can't do better?



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