Winona Ryder May Costar in the 'Heathers' TV Show

Winona Ryder May Costar in the 'Heathers' TV Show

Jan 14, 2013


In the tradition of everything old becoming new again, Bravo is currently revamping Michael Lehmann's 1988 cult-film favorite Heathers for the small screen. The story will pick up 20 years after the original's explosive finale, and writer Jenny Bicks has plans for the revamp that might interest (or infuriate) devotees of the snarky mean-girls movie. She wants star Winona Ryder to reprise her role as Veronica Sawyer — a student who tries to enjoy life with the in-crowd (the likes of which includes Shannen Doherty), but befriends a troubled outsider (Christian Slater) who doesn't take kindly to petty high school politics.

"If Winona Ryder wanted to come in and play something, we'd love to have her," Bicks said. The scribe's new version finds Veronica back in Sherwood, Ohio with her teen daughter. The new generation's clique of catty, popular girls would be called the Ashelys — daughters of the Heathers from the original film. "It's a fun way of casting new women that are around her but also her kids," Bicks said of Ryder's potential involvement. Right now the project is in the "serious talks" stage, but with programs like CW's The Carrie Diaries popping up, the time seems right and ready. If she had her way, Bicks would love to bring everyone from the film back for TV: "Bring them all back! I think there's that sense of the people who know the original would love to see that but then there's also this opportunity for this whole new generation who doesn't know Heathers the way we do to be introduced to it in a new way."

Ryder has been making a progressive return to cinema, lending her voice to Tim Burton's Frankenweenie last year, and she'll be appearing in Gary Fleder's Homefront with Jason Statham and James Franco next. Is this the kind of career move an actress trying to make us forget her checkered past should take? [via THR]

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