Head for High Ground: 'Tremors' Is Being Rebooted

Head for High Ground: 'Tremors' Is Being Rebooted

Jul 23, 2014

Tremors posterIf you grew up in the ‘90s and loved cult monster movies, then you undoubtedly have a warm spot in your heart for Tremors – and Universal is hoping to cash in on that nostalgia by rebooting the franchise with Don Michael Paul taking a seat behind the camera.

The original 1990 film featured Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward as a couple of guys in a small desert town who find themselves under attack by giant earthworms. It’s a film with the perfect mix of action and comedy – and it also featured some really cool monsters. Unfortunately, the subsequent three sequels got less and less interesting.

So, if ever there were a property that was ripe for a reboot, Tremors is it. An updated script and cast could breathe new life into this beloved franchise. Our only concern is that Don Michael Paul is the man who’s been tasked with turning it all around. Paul has made a name for himself recently, directing things like Jarhead 2: Field of Fire and Lake Placid: The Final Chapter. So, basically direct-to-video sequels to movies that didn’t really need sequels in the first place.

Paul broke the news himself, saying:

“After I finish up Company of Heroes: The Fourth Reich I will be headed to Johannesburg, South Africa to reboot the Tremors franchise for Universal. Big year ahead and I’m excited to keep it going with the support of all you genre-movie lovers out there.”

With the 25th anniversary of the original film landing next year, we’re actually rooting for Paul to pull this off. It would be nice to celebrate a quarter century of Graboids with a new installment in the franchise – particularly if its one that washes the bad taste of the sequels out of our mouths once and for all.

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