Get Your Butt to Pandora: Disney's Animal Kingdom Reveals Two New 'Avatar' Attractions

Get Your Butt to Pandora: Disney's Animal Kingdom Reveals Two New 'Avatar' Attractions

Oct 14, 2013

Avatar Disney concept art

It could (and probably will) be years before we get to see James Cameron's Avatar sequels, but if you've been hankering for a return trip to Pandora, the folks at Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom have you covered.

The theme park's people have revealed new plans for what looks like two attractions built around Cameron's mythical world. The first is a guided boat ride through the nighttime forests on the planet. Blog Walt Disney World News Today surmises that the ride will probably be similar to Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean and feature plenty of animatronics. The artist's rendering below certainly looks pretty awesome.

Avatar boat ride concept art

The second new attraction at the park looks even cooler still. Patrons will climb on the back of a banshee and fly through the Pandoran countryside. This seems likely to be one of those projection-screen rides -- unless Disney has found a way to make real-life banshees.

Avatar banshee ride concept art

If you're dying to check out these new additions to the Animal Kingdom theme park, you're going to have to wait a bit. Plans are to have these rides and several other new things ready for guests in 2017. Would Avatar-based attractions get you to book a trip to the park? Chime in below. 




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