Scarier Than a Horror Movie? Here's a Haunted House You Walk Through Completely Naked

Scarier Than a Horror Movie? Here's a Haunted House You Walk Through Completely Naked

Sep 25, 2013

Halloween is approaching, which means there are a number of haunted attractions to choose from — like Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios, which is hosting an incredibly cool-sounding Insidious 2 maze this year, among other frightening attractions. Now there's a new kid on the block, and this spooky theme park doesn't require clothing. Basically, it's like being a victim in a horror movie — a pervy, cheesy, ridiculously clichéd movie that featuress flesh, gore and not much else.

The people behind Pennsylvania's Shocktoberfest are offering nude tours of their grounds. They're calling it the "naked and scared challenge," which the event coordinators promise will "test your fears and phobias on a whole new level." It sounds similar to Blackout in New York — an extreme, surreal and sometimes nude "haunted" attraction that totally messes with visitors' minds and pushes boundaries. (Blogger the Jaded Viewer has a lengthy review of the experience. Beware of spoilers.)

The Shocktoberfest folks say you can venture through their park with or without underwear, but the attraction isn't about sex. "This is about fear and pushing oneself out of their comfort zone." The nude part of the event takes place at the end of the night, and those who ditch their clothes won't be in view of minors or nonparticipating customers.

We still expect some kind of wild bacchanal to break out à la Eyes Wide Shut.               


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