Hasta la vista, PG-13

Hasta la vista, PG-13

Aug 27, 2009

Director McG’s Terminator: Salvation divided critics and fans alike when it came out in theaters earlier this year. The fourth Terminator film—and the first one to focus on the post-Judgment Day war with the machines—got more attention for Christian Bale’s well-publicized rant on set than it did for taking the series in a decidedly more action-packed direction. If you were left feeling as cold as a Terminator’s endoskeleton by McG’s effort, you have to now admit that Terminator: Salvation is still far superior to that other summer sequel featuring giant robots. One understandable gripe fans had with T4 is that McG cut the film to be PG-13 when the previous movies were all rated R. Those people will be pleased with the DVD and Blu-ray releases of Terminator: Salvation coming this November that both will contain an R-rated cut that McG reportedly shot. The footage that will be back includes a scene where the Marcus (Sam Worthington) character stabs a screwdriver through the shoulder of a thug as well as a gratuitous topless scene with Moon Bloodgood. Here’s to terminating all the fan-boy nitpicking about Terminator: Salvation and giving the R-rated cut a chance.

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