Has Randy Quaid Gone Insane or Is He Fooling Us?

Has Randy Quaid Gone Insane or Is He Fooling Us?

Nov 02, 2010

He played crazy Cousin Eddie in National Lampoon's Vacation movies, but now actor Randy Quaid may be crazy for real. The actor and his wife Evi appeared on Good Morning America this morning to respond to reports that claim the couple -- who fled to Canada after being accused of skipping out on several hotel bills -- have either gone completely insane, are on drugs or both.

The whole insanity thing came about after Quaid and his wife claimed they were wrapped up in some sort of conspiracy that involved "Hollywood whackers," and that these same people out to get them may also be responsible for the deaths of Heath Ledger and David Carradine.

Either that ... or they're just trying to look nuts so they don't have to pay the bills they skipped out on. Regardless, it's turning the strange duo into one of the more interesting stories of the week, especially as they go on live television to try to convince everyone that their weird "Hollywood is out to get us" story is true.

Then again, maybe this is all just a promo for National Lampoon's Cousin Eddie Goes to Canada. Or perhaps it's just a way to get us to stop obsessing over Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen for five minutes.

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