Harvey Weinstein Sued for $50 Million for Eating M&Ms Off The Floor

Harvey Weinstein Sued for $50 Million for Eating M&Ms Off The Floor

Mar 02, 2011

You hear stories of bizarre Hollywood lawsuits every single day. If there's one thing people in Hollywood like to do more than sleeping, eating, doing drugs and having sex, it's suing other people in Hollywood for millions of dollars. Some of the lawsuits make no sense, and most decisions are pretty obvious right off the bat. But whenever Harvey Weinstein and his brother Bob are involved, the crazier the story, the closer it is to being true.

Apparently, the Weinstein bros. paid $500,000 in hush money so that information regarding a pending lawsuit against animation filmmakers Brian Inerfeld and Tony Leech would not leak out prior to the Oscars. The King's Speech was a heavy favorite, and they didn't want bad buzz heading in -- but now that buzz is beginning to spill out, we've learned the details behind the tumultuousness relationshiop between the brothers and Inerfeld and Leech, one that began when the Hoodwinked duo were brought in to make a big-budgeted flick called Escape from Planet Earth.

The deal was a mess right from the start, with the lawsuit claiming the Weinstein boys mismanaged the budget, paid actors not to do the film, fired one another from the production, fell asleep during screenings and -- here's my favorite part -- spilled M&Ms all over the theater and proceeded to get down on the floor and eat them.

That was actually in the lawsuit.

The filmmakers are suing for $50 million because that's what they were originally owed for the film. No word on whether a new bag of M&Ms is also part of the proposed deal.

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