Watch: Harvey Weinstein's Reaction the First Time He Read 'Pulp Fiction'

Watch: Harvey Weinstein's Reaction the First Time He Read 'Pulp Fiction'

Nov 05, 2012

On November 20, Lionsgate is putting out Tarantino XX, an elaborate, eight-film Blu-ray box set dedicated to the last 20 years of Quentin Tarantino's career, both as a director and writer. The studio is not merely shoving everything from True Romance to Inglourious Basterds into the same box and calling it a day, though. It also put together a further two discs of special features for fans to enjoy, and we happen to have a little snippet of the five-plus hours of new material to share with you today.

It's from the new 20 Years of Filmmaking segment, a retrospective on Tarantino's career as seen through the lense of coworkers, critics, actors and fellow filmmakers. The clip we've been given to share features producer Richard Gladstein doing an impersonation of Harvey Weinstein's reaction to reading Pulp Fiction for the first time. It's a funny, personal story about the early days of one of the best films ever made, and it's the kind of nugget that should make any film geek smile.

Warning, there is one F-bomb about halfway through. (Surprisingly only one.)

If you want to know the full feature list for the entire site, check it out right here. And click on the image below to get an even bigger look at the box set's artwork, which was put together by Mondo.

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