J.K. Rowling Reveals Plans for a 'Harry Potter' Prequel

J.K. Rowling Reveals Plans for a 'Harry Potter' Prequel

Dec 20, 2013

Harry PotterIt’s hard to believe it’s been six years since author J.K. Rowling concluded the last of the main entries in the Harry Potter series, and two years since the film franchise finally came to a conclusion. Time sure does fly as you get older – but if you’ve been yearning for more adventures featuring the boy wizard, there’s a glimmer of hope on the horizon.

EW has learned that Rowling is currently set to lend her aid to an upcoming Harry Potter prequel that will be produced for the stage. The author will not be writing the actual script for the new story, but she will be assisting the writer with its creation – when one is finally hired.

While this isn’t the sequel many fans have clamored for, the idea of a prequel is filled with some interesting possibilities. Harry might not know he’s a wizard yet, but Rowling herself made it clear that the young orphan and outcast did have some “spontaneous magic” events long before he learned of his powers and how to harness them. This new tale will presumably focus on that time period and those moments.

Beyond that, details are hard to come by. Rowling will produce alongside Sonia Freedman and Collin Callendar, but there’s been no announcement of a director or any hint about who might be cast. Given that this is a prequel, they’re going to need a young actor to take over the role made famous by Daniel Radcliffe. I’m sure there will be much discussion about that topic.

So, with so many critical details to iron out, don’t start lining up for tickets just yet. Even though things are ambiguous at this early stage, it’s hard to argue that this news is probably the best Christmas gift Harry Potter fans could have hoped for this year.





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