Today's Big Movie Rumor: Harrison Ford to Star in Multiple 'Star Wars' Sequels and Possibly 'Indiana Jones 5'

Today's Big Movie Rumor: Harrison Ford to Star in Multiple 'Star Wars' Sequels and Possibly 'Indiana Jones 5'

Oct 28, 2013

Harrison FordWhen Disney acquired LucasFilm a year ago, everyone immediately focused on Star Wars -- and with good reason: the House of Mouse made it instantly clear that it was planning on crafting an entirely new trilogy (and more) set in a galaxy far, far away. At the time, only a few of us wondered what this might mean for LucasFilm's other gigantic franchise, Indiana Jones. Well, if today's rumors pan out, we now know the answer to that question.
Website Jedi News has received a tip that not only gives us insight into potential plans for Harrsion Ford's return as Han Solo, but provides clues about when Ford might be donning his infamous fedora and bullwhip for a fifth installment in the Raiders series as well. Talk about megaton announcements to start your Monday...
As reported, Ford had agreed in principle to return to the Star Wars franchise before the Disney deal was announced, but according to the site's source, it's only now become official. What was the delay? Several issues, which apparently have now been hammered out.
According to this source, Disney sought to secure a multi-film deal with Ford that would extend beyond Episode VII, but Ford wanted to see the arc Han Solo would travel in the new trilogy before committing. Apparently, with enough of the story details fleshed out, he's pleased with the direction of the films and Disney and Ford have made a commitment to moving forward.
More interesting is that Ford appears to have tied his desire to do another Indy film into the Star Wars negotiations. While the actor did not get the firm agreement to make an Indy 5 that he was allegedly seeking, he did get Disney to commit to the idea of developing a treatment for a new film before the end of 2014. If all parties were pleased with it and willing to move ahead, the new feature would be ready for a 2016 release. With Ford not getting any younger, there's certainly a feeling that time is of the essence when it comes to making another Raiders installment -- and 2016 is close enough that Ford should be able to pull it off.
If this all turns out to be true, it's great news -- we get Han Solo back for multiple Star Wars films, and Ford (and presumably Steven Spielberg) get a chance to make amends for botching things in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Sounds like a win for Ford, Disney and the fans from where I'm sitting.
What gets you guys more excited -- Ford's potential return for multiple Star Wars films, or the thought of Indy swinging into a brand new adventure? Let us know below.



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