What the Hell Is Going on Inside Harmony Korine's Head?

What the Hell Is Going on Inside Harmony Korine's Head?

Oct 03, 2012

"I want to make films where there's a physical component to them that kind of goes through you or something. It feels like you've been hit. I want to make movies that are like an attack. Because there's so much noise out there, and I want to attack you." -- Harmony Korine

If you've ever watched a Harmony Korine movie, regardless of whether you liked it or not you probably walked away with an assortment of thoughts, one of them being, "What the hell is going on inside this guy's head?" From his experimental short films to unusual features like Gummo, Mister Lonely and the ridiculously bizarre Trash Humpers, Korine is the type of filmmaker who up until now has been an acquired taste. His art is definitely not for everyone, but it does seem to resonate with those looking to tap into their youthful spirit. Korine's style tends to be a bit manic and somewhat meandering, but it's also alive, energetic and at times pretty damn funny and endearing.

Filmmaker Dustin Lynn shot this intimate portrait of Korine while he was gearing up to premiere his latest film, Spring Breakers, at this year's Venice Film Festival. In terms of Korine's filmography, Spring Breakers is like his Transformers -- a star-studded (James Franco, Vanessa Hudgens, Selina Gomez, among others) look at a group of troublemaking girls who get a little more than they bargained for when they break some laws on their way to spring break. 

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Videos like these are a welcomed distraction from the ordinary junket interviews we're used to seeing, and they allow us to dig into a filmmaker's thoughts and inspirations in a way that may help you appreciate what they're going for a bit more. While Spring Breakers probably won't turn Harmony Korine into the next Michael Bay, we dig his aggressive nature and hope this film affords him the opportunity to keep exploring unique ways of attacking us on the big screen.

Spring Breakers is due out on March 5. Watch a clip from the movie below.

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