Hans Zimmer Isn't Sure if He'll Return to Score 'Batman vs. Superman'

Hans Zimmer Isn't Sure if He'll Return to Score 'Batman vs. Superman'

Sep 04, 2013

Hans Zimmer delivered a robust, resonant, unique score for Man of Steel. That's to be expected, of course. Robust, resonant, unique scores are all Hans Zimmer delivers. It's kind of his thing.

Unfortunately it may not be his thing on Man of Steel 2, aka Batman vs. Superman.

Red Carpet News caught up with the composer on the way into the premiere of Rush, which he also scored, to ask him about the project, and he revealed he's not sure he wants to do the movie. That's a tad disappointing considering Zimmer's score is one of the few things everyone could agree on in Man of Steel, but it doesn't sound like he's being coy in the press just to renegotiate his contract for the sequel (as some of these "I don't know if I'll return" things often do). The reason behind it isn't very surprising: He's not sure he wants to do another Batman movie and feels the character is being "smuggled" back in to the fold.

With Man of Steel, his major creative obstacle was being different from John Williams' iconic Superman theme. However, this time around he'd be competing against his own already iconic music from Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight trilogy, and he's not quite sure he wants to do that just yet. Check out the interview below (which also contains his thoughts on Ben Affleck as Batman), as well as a cool behind-the-scenes clip showing how Zimmer used some of the world's most famous drummers for Man of Steel.


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