'Star Wars' Blu-ray Changes: So Does Han or Greedo Shoot First This Time Around?

'Star Wars' Blu-ray Changes: So Does Han or Greedo Shoot First This Time Around?

Sep 01, 2011

The Internet fanboys' obsession this week has revolved around the upcoming Star Wars Blu-ray release and all the minor (and major) edits that George Lucas made in the process of upgrading his six films. We rounded up a bunch of the more noticeable changes yesterday (there are other smaller ones, but they're real tiny and don't tamper with the story, tone or character much), but we imagine you Wars geeks still have a few questions ... like what about the whole "Han Shot First" scene? Here's Lucas' chance to go back and right one of his wrongs by restoring the original scene where Han Solo shoots Greedo dead before Greedo can even react.

This is one of the most talked-about edits of all Lucas' tinkering with the original trilogy, changing the scene from Han shooting first to a wider angle featuring both Han and Greedo in the shot, where Greedo actually shoots first and misses before Han shoots him dead. It's a stupid edit that takes a whole ton of badass points away from Han, since in the original edit he just shoots the bounty hunter dead before Greedo even has time to blink. Putting Han on the defense weakens his character, especially during these early scenes when Solo is a rogue pilot who has all sorts of trouble on his tail.

So in the new Blu-ray, does Greedo still shoot first?

... drum roll please ...

Yes, unfortunately he does. Lucas did not change the scene back, he only tightened it slightly, according to this clip from the Blu-ray. Check out both versions below.


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