Huge Horror News: 'Halloween: The Complete Collection' Is Coming to Blu-ray This Fall

Huge Horror News: 'Halloween: The Complete Collection' Is Coming to Blu-ray This Fall

May 20, 2014

Halloween posterWe’re still months away from Halloween, but yesterday’s big announcement from Scream Factory is sure to get you in the holiday mood in the middle of May.

The genre division of Shout Factory is teaming up with Anchor Bay to release Halloween: The Complete Collection, a Blu-ray box set containing each and every one of Michael Myers’ big-screen slash-a-thons, along with the Myers-less Halloween III: Season of the Witch. Even better news? The package comes with the long-awaited release of the alternate version of Halloween 6­­ The Producer’s Cut. Long available as a bootleg, this rare recut of the film will have a legitimate release at last, allowing fans to see it an entirely new way.

If that weren’t exciting enough, the 15-disc set will also include the television edits of Halloween and Halloween II, as well as the unrated versions of Rob Zombie’s reboot and sequel. As a bonus for fans, the package also features a restored mono soundtrack for John Carpenter’s first film that will appear as an option on both the original Blu-ray release of Carpenter’s film and the 35-year-anniversary disc as well.

If you’re a fan of extras, the set has you covered. The collection promises hours of brand new supplemental materials, including interviews with the cast and crew, and a limited edition 40-page book commemorating the series. More detailed reveals of the bonus materials will be coming soon.

So, what’s a set like this gonna cost you? MSRP for the deluxe set – with all 15 discs and other goodies – is $169.99. There’s also a standard 10-disc set for $129.99. Look, if you’re the target audience for this sort of set, spend the extra $40.

Halloween: The Complete Collection will be available for purchase on September 23. 





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