The Best Halloween Present to Buy That Person Who Loves John Carpenter's 'Halloween'

The Best Halloween Present to Buy That Person Who Loves John Carpenter's 'Halloween'

Oct 14, 2013

Halloween has always been about giving out the candy, but we'd like it if the holiday were also about people buying each other really deranged gifts. This way it could evolve into something like Christmas, except instead of reindeer socks, you give someone a severed head... that's actually a punch bowl! (C'mon, nothing says you care like a severed head punch bowl.)

And speaking of bowls and/or things that are round in nature, we are completely smitten with this bizarre (and rare) extra that came inside the packaging of the 20th anniversary VHS set for John Carpenter's Halloween, circa 1998.


Yup, that's a snow globe. It's a snow globe that pays tribute to the classic couch scene from Halloween, except when you shake it the thing rains blood instead of snow.  It actually rains blood! How is this not the coolest and most sought-after Halloween-related trinket in the history of the franchise? 

Fortunately there are a couple of these that have popped up on eBay recently, and they're not ridiculously expensive. One auction was tracking at a little over $50, with another at like $35 with six days left. Wanna get something Halloween related for the Michael Myers-obsessed fan in your life? This is where it's at. 

As one of the eBay ads so poignantly put it: "This is no mere Snow Glove - this is a BLOOD Globe!"

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