Does This 'Halloween' Remake Pitch Video Prove There's Sill Life in the Horror Franchise?

Does This 'Halloween' Remake Pitch Video Prove There's Sill Life in the Horror Franchise?

Sep 19, 2012

It's pretty safe to say we've reached a point where future Halloween installments just don't do it for us anymore. They did the remake with Rob Zombie, and followed it up with a messy sequel, and you know this sucker is on life support when they announce a third one in 3D. It's like you imagine these sequels getting the go-ahead simply by some bored studio exec saying, "Eh, I guess we'll do it. Why not?" Today, however, there's a very interesting Halloween remake pitch reel floating around, created by Federico D'Alessandro, who's a storyboard artist and animatics supervisor at Marvel Studios, having worked on several of their films like Thor, Captain America, Iron Man 3 and more.

D'Alessandro created this short video -- itself an animatic of what the opening sequence of his Halloween remake would look like -- in order to pitch his version to Platinum Dunes back when they were looking to remake the original. Rob Zombie eventually wound up with the gig, but D'Alessandro has wisely decided to release his pitch video online now to see if it would make enough waves for someone to potentially reconsider, especially now that Zombie is done with his versions. Watch it below.

I personally love this thing. Do we need another Halloween origin story? No. But a scene like this could certainly find its way into a reworked sequel that's simply a continuation of the Myers story and not connected in any way to Zombie's films. I love the way D'Alessandro continually ups the tension, playing with the already dangerous (and chaotic) elements of a massive fire by sticking Michael Myers in the middle of it. It's slick, inventive and leaves you wanting to watch more of this guy's vision. Couple that with key frames from other parts of the film below (and above), and this guy may be onto something.

Looks pretty cool, eh? What I like is the Twilight poster in the background, signaling the teens featured in this Halloween movie will be ones who are sort of romanticized by horror and desensitized to it because of films like Twilight. One of my favorite scenes pictured is the one with Myers walking through a teen party with the head of another teen wearing what looks to be the same Myers mask.

D'Alessandro told Bloody Disgusting (who premiered the clip), “As a lifelong Halloween fan it would be a dream to direct a reboot of the franchise that’s so near and dear to my heart,” said D’Alessandro. “I created this animatic to show the tone and storytelling that I would bring to the project if I were lucky enough to have that chance.” He added: “It turned out pretty cool, but unfortunately while I was in the middle of working on it, talks fell through between Platinum Dunes and the Weinsteins… so I missed the boat on that one."

What do you think? Does this make you excited to see another Halloween remake? Does it seem different enough, or just more of the same? Either way, it's just cool to see more of the behind-the-scenes process. So many of these pitch videos are being created for projects every day, and the more we get to see them, the better educated we'll be when it comes time to voice our wants and desires to those who make the decisions in Hollywood. We wish D'Alessandro good luck.

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