Guess Which Classic Halloween Movie Is Returning to Theaters This Halloween

Guess Which Classic Halloween Movie Is Returning to Theaters This Halloween

Sep 14, 2012

Happy, happy Halloween, Silver Shamrock! (In 47 more days, anyway.) The festivities will be kicking off a few days earlier when John Carpenter's 1978 slasher classic — the original Halloween — will be making a return to theaters on October 25. Look for the film to screen with Justin Beahm's new mini-documentary, You Can't Kill the Boogeyman: 25 Years of Halloween. The movie will explore the impact Carpenter's stalk-and-slash series had on the horror genre, but also our culture at large. Michael Myers' masked madman has terrorized audiences and been the stuff of babysitters' anxiety for decades. Halloween spawned seven sequels and was rebooted in 2007 by Rob Zombie. It started out with a bang, but quickly fell apart for Zombie's follow-up. Scott Weinberg had a lot to say about it, and none of it good:

"Even those who (somehow) defend Zombie's earlier pictures (apparently The Devil's Rejects still maintains a few fans) will walk out of Halloween II in a ridiculously bad mood. And those (like me) who dread Zombie's new movies like they would Novocaine-free root canal, find themselves once again irked, annoyed and really, really bored."

We may be gifted (or cursed?) with a 3D version, but for now that film is stuck in development hell. The rerelease of Halloween will be playing across the U.S., with confirmation about a U.K. theatrical date possibly on the way. Cross your fingers Britons. In the meantime, check out this awesome poster art from Austin Hinderliter to celebrate the good news.


[Spotted via Dread Central]

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