You've Never Seen This Alternate Opening for John Carpenter's 'Halloween'

You've Never Seen This Alternate Opening for John Carpenter's 'Halloween'

Oct 31, 2013

Happy Halloween! For the rest of today we'll be celebrating one of our favorite holidays by posting the sorts of things that make sense for this gloriously spook-ified day. Some new, some old, but all of it worth checking out. 

It's sort of amazing to be sitting here on Halloween 2013 and be able to share footage you've never seen from John Carpenter's 1978 version of the movie Halloween, but here we are. To celebrate the ghoulish holiday, Halloween enthusiast (and owner of some original footage from the film) Billy Kirkus uploaded this alternate take from the film's opening sequence. As Kirkus explains below (via Cinephilia & Beyond), this is actually the first of only two takes, and what we ended up with has since gone on to become one of the most memorable opening sequences in horror movie history.

"This is the first take of the opening to Halloween. This was the first time they tried shooting it, without the cuts that they did in take number twop. They only shot this whole scene twice. Notice all of the blue in the picture… completely toned down for the recent release of the movie on Blu-ray. Want to see more of the 'Unseen Halloween?' Contact Trancas International Films and tell them you want to see the 'Unseen Halloween.'

“I was amazed that we got that shot in just a few takes, two to be exact. I thought it would be impossible; I thought we’d have a problem with every take, and that we’d have to do it over and over agin and that eventually we’d have to change the whole scene because there was only enough money left to do two or three takes of that scene.” —John Carpenter, Jamie Lee Curtis: Scream Queen by David Grove




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