Halle Berry Pulls Out the Gloves for Crazy Custody Battle

Halle Berry Pulls Out the Gloves for Crazy Custody Battle

Feb 01, 2011

It feels like we haven't had a high-profile celebrity custody battle in awhile, right? Lately, celebs have been finding a way to deal with their marital issues away from the press by simply filing for divorce while figuring out friendly agreements regarding the children. Yeah, boring. Give us something good to read when we're scarfing down that pathetic Lean Cuisine during our lunch hour, Hollywood!

Thankfully, we have Halle Berry, who's taking it up a few notches when it comes to her custody battle with former boyfriend (and baby daddy) Gabriel Aubry. Not only has Berry already dropped out of her next movie (a sequel to Valentine's Day called New Year's Eve) because of the custody battle, but she's come out swinging a pair of nasty fists claiming Aubry is "a crazed jealous man who put their child at risk," according to TMZ.

Meanwhile, he says "she's the jealous one who flies into rages and is a no-show in the baby's life." Both are claiming the other is some jealous freak, though Berry is throwing out the "bad parent" card by further claiming that Aubry had put the child in harm's way by not paying attention while caring for the youngster.

Essentially, this is one helluva nasty custody battle, and we can only imagine the filthy things that will eventually make their way out into the open.  Hold your noses folks, because this one is about to get fugly.

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