The Guys Behind Festival Favorites 'Bellflower' and 'You're Next' Line Up Their Next Movies

The Guys Behind Festival Favorites 'Bellflower' and 'You're Next' Line Up Their Next Movies

Feb 07, 2013


With all the major SXSW festival announcements over the past few weeks, we were thrilled to see news about a few former fest favorites circulating.

Evan Glodell's autogeddon Bellflower was a major hit with genre fans. The filmmaker and his Coatwolf Productions will be paying homage to 1980s side-scrolling video games and action films with Chuck Hank and the San Diego Twins. Streets of Rage and Double Dragon enthusiasts will be pleased to see Glodell and Tyler Dawson on the screen once more, this time embarking on a turf war in a place called Oldtown. The Syndicate is an "evil gang of crank-head misfits" who want the San Diego family off their land. Tony and Johnny are twin brothers, and their sister Salsa makes three. They're the last of a bloodline that has clashed with The Syndicate for eons. When the thugs kidnap Salsa, the twins and best friend Chuck Hank (best name ever) have a difficult choice to make in order to save their sibling. You can bring this madness to life by visiting the team's indiegogo page where there are some cool donation gifts up for grabs. [via Twitch]



In other festival favorites news, the folks behind the long awaited You're Next — which is playing this year's SXSW — have announced their next project. The Guest reteams frequent collaborators Adam Wingard and writer Simon Barrett (A Horrible Way to Die) for the story of a soldier. The family of a fallen trooper takes him in. Eventually they discover he's been hiding something dark and dangerous from them. Slash Film recently interviewed the filmmaker, who stated his interest in returning to the action genre:

"Right now I’ve gone from serial killer movies to home invasion movies and those just happened to be more horror things… but in the future the next type of genre I want to do is like an action film and possibly an erotic thriller and stuff like that… I like horror movies and I’m not one of those people that think you’re lowering yourself to do a horror film or something like that. So I like doing them, but at the same time I don’t want to get stuck doing them. I’d love to do a ghost movie right now, but at the end of the day it’s like “Is that the smart career choice?” Action, for example, is an opportunity to branch out and once you’re branched out you can go back."
Wingard and Barrett will also be featured in the SXSW midnight lineup in the V/H/S sequel V/H/S/2.

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