The Guy Who Creates Your Favorite Movie Trailers Talks Spoilers, Trailer Previews and More

The Guy Who Creates Your Favorite Movie Trailers Talks Spoilers, Trailer Previews and More

Jun 24, 2013


Wired published a fantastic interview with video editor and movie trailer guru Mark Woollen. He started as a one-man operation several years ago, catching his big break by cutting the Schindler’s List trailer when he was in his 20s, and now he owns his own company. Remember the trailer for The Social Network and the ingenious use of Radiohead's "Creep?" That was Woollen's idea. He's also added his touch to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and most recently Nicolas Winding Refn’s Only God Forgives. Woollen prefers to work on director-driven films so you won't find him editing the latest Iron Man trailer, but he shines in the world of Spike Jonze, Terrence Malick and the Coen brothers. Mark shared an interesting response to the Internet-age of instant critique and bigger, faster trailers:

 "The Web has definitely opened up lots of opportunities for different types of pieces. I was in a meeting with a director a couple of years ago. We had cut something that was on the short side, and he made a crack about it feeling like a trailer for a trailer. It’s bizarre that a year later, that’s become an actual thing people are doing. But I’m not a fan of that phenomenon. Honestly, I will say that my best experiences as a moviegoer are when I go in knowing as little as possible about a movie. That’s so hard to do these days."

And he added his two cents to the eternal trailers-show-so-much debate. Basically, studios are saying we're to blame: 

"The studios want to have one weekend to capture the largest number of people. As I understand it, the data they get back is that people want to know more story — they want to know more before they make an investment. Now it may not be what you, me, or the readers of your magazine consider the right approach. But that’s what they’ve come to."
Mark goes on to reveal his process and more. Head to Wired for the full interview. Let's watch Woollen's handiwork in this NSFW Only God Forgives trailer and thank him for making us love the Gos.

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