Guy Kills Wife After She Destroys His 'Star Wars' Collection

Guy Kills Wife After She Destroys His 'Star Wars' Collection

Nov 04, 2011

From the "Just Go Out and Buy Another Luke Skywalker Figure, Dude" Department comes this tragic story of a guy who apparently killed his wife after she damaged his Star Wars collection, which he claims was worth thousands of dollars. That incident -- coupled with her threat to move back to her native Thailand -- was what caused Rickie La-Touche to suffocate his wife before running to his mother nearby to tell her what happened. He later confessed to police, and was just recently sentenced to life in prison.

Pretty certain we know which side of The Force this guy was hanging out on. Too bad we can't pool together our money and hire someone to sit in front of his jail cell and slowly pull apart each one of his precious little Star Wars toys right in front of his face. No word on what will happen to the collection now that he's been locked up, but this moron will have plenty of time to think about it while he rots away in prison.

[via Mirror]


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