Guillermo del Toro Reveals His Dream 'Frankenstein,' Plus Plans for 'Slaughterhouse-Five'

Guillermo del Toro Reveals His Dream 'Frankenstein,' Plus Plans for 'Slaughterhouse-Five'

Jul 08, 2013

Guillermo Del ToroEarlier this month, we broke down all the upcoming Frankenstein movies in the pipeline for the next few years, but it turns out Hollywood (and low-budget indie filmmakers) think there’s room for even more monster madness, and now Guillermo del Toro is back in the mix.

The always busy filmmaker is preparing for the debut of his giant robots-vs.-monsters film Pacific Rim this week, then he’s got his horror film Crimson Peak slated for 2014. After that, del Toro would like to work on his on-again, off-again adaptation of Frankenstein and he’s got a leading man in mind.

Del Toro originally had plans to work with Doug Jones on the project a few years ago, but now he’s moved in a different direction and would like to reteam with Crimson Peak actor Benedict Cumberbatch. We like that casting, as Cumberbatch already has experience with the material, having played Viktor Frankenstein and the Monster in Danny Boyle’s stage play last year. Taking one of those parts in a feature film would be a no-brainer, it seems.

Should this all come to pass, del Toro will be up against several other Frankenstein flicks – including Fox’s version, which features Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe as Igor.

Will this all pan out for GdT? It’s too early to tell – but remember, Universal, where this project is set up, killed del Toro’s big-budget R-rated version of H.P. Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness. Nothing there is a slam dunk for the filmmaker.

Of course, this isn’t del Toro’s only iron in the fire – the man is nothing if not prolific when it comes to lining up projects. As such, we’ve got an update on another of his in-development features: an adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five.

GdT updates the project by revealing that he and writer Charlie Kaufman have come up with a way to tell the tale

“Charlie [Kaufman] and I talked for about an hour and a half and came up with a perfect way of doing the book. I love the idea of the Trafalmadorians [the aliens of Slaughterhouse-Five] -- to be 'unstuck in time,' where everything is happening at the same time. And that's what I want to do. It's just a catch-22. The studio will make it when it's my next movie, but how can I commit to it being my next movie until there's a screenplay? Charlie Kaufman is a very expensive writer!"

The director goes on to add that he’ll “make it work.”

Let’s hope so, because of all the various projects GdT has aligned himself with, this is one that had us really excited when it was announced way back in 2008.

When will the director get all of this stuff rolling? We might have a better idea by next week – if Pacific Rim does well at the box office, it seems likely that del Toro will be involved with a sequel in the near future. If it doesn’t, his dance card might finally open up a bit.

[via Indiewire]


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