Guess Which Villain Almost Appeared in 'The Dark Knight Rises' and Who May Have Played Him

Guess Which Villain Almost Appeared in 'The Dark Knight Rises' and Who May Have Played Him

Jun 01, 2012

We've already shared bits and pieces of info from Empire Magazine's massive spread on The Dark Knight Rises, which includes chats with those involved with the film, as well as a bunch of new images (we've include two in this post). Included within the article is an interesting chat with David Goyer, who did story work on all three of Christopher Nolan's Batman films. One of the more intriguing aspects of that chat is the inclusion of which villain Warner Bros. wanted for The Dark Knight Rises and who they wanted to play him.

According to Batman-News, who went through the article (now on stands), at the premiere of The Dark Knight Warner Bros. executives said they wanted The Riddler to be the villain in the final Batman film, with Leonardo DiCaprio taking on the role. While we're not crazy about that casting choice at all, we do wonder why that never came to be. Was Riddler a little too close to Joker, thematically, for Nolan's final story? Was there a fight behind the scenes between those who wanted Riddler and Nolan, who wanted Bane? Maybe we'll hear more once the press junket for The Dark Knight Rises rolls around, but for now just chalk this up as something that almost was.

Other little nuggets in the article include news that this is Wally Pfister's last film as Director of Photography, and he'll be moving on to directing films from here. Also, Nolan was a bit nervous about including Catwoman, and it was his brother Jonah who convinced him to put her in. However, not once is she referred to as Catwoman in the film.

You can read more in the current issue of Empire, out now.

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