Guess Which Movie Poster Was Just Banned in the UK for Being Too Violent

Guess Which Movie Poster Was Just Banned in the UK for Being Too Violent

Dec 07, 2011

Although Warner Bros. marketing campaign for Final Destination 5 survived its theatrical release despite 13 complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority in the UK, one particular poster has finally met an untimely death during the film's DVD/Blu-ray campaign across the pond, as the ASA has banned it due to its depiction of graphic violence, as well as multiple complaints. Various people have complained that the nail-in-eye-socket imagery on the poster -- coupled with the tagline, "It's not if, It's when" -- has caused young children to become visibly upset when they saw the poster being displayed on a bus or in the train station.

Defending the poster, Warner Bros. said it's a "fantasy image" and "accurately reflected the content of the film in an appropriate manner without causing excessive fear or distress." Critics everywhere agreed, adding that this is exactly how their brain felt after watching the film. Nevertheless, ASA agreed with those who complained, claiming "the image was likely to catch the attention of children, especially because it was shown on a poster on the Underground, where it was an untargeted medium." The poster, in all likelihood, will be replaced by one featuring a half-naked, 16-year-old model selling clothes she isn't even wearing. Or at least that's what they'd do here in America. 

What do you think of this poster? Is it too graphic for kids in a public space?

[via THR]

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