Guess Which Movie Makes Men Cry the Most

Guess Which Movie Makes Men Cry the Most

Mar 08, 2013

Admit it dude: you've gotten your cry on during a movie before. It's cool, we've been there. We've done the stretch-and-wipe move where you go to stretch your arms during a movie and then casually wipe tears away from your eyes before anyone notices. We've also done the whole "No, really, I had something in my eye!" routine whenever she's asked if we were just crying during a date-night screening of The Notebook. Yes, whether guys will admit it or not, movies do indeed make them cry -- but is there a certain kind of movie that's guaranteed to get the tears flowing in men? 

A new infographic in Men's Health magazine (see our scan below) may bring us a drop closer to discovering the key to movie-related male crying as it reveals which movie (in the past decade) has made guys cry the most: the 2008 dog-friendly flick Marley & Me. According to their survey (in which 64% of guys admitted to crying during movies), it's not a sappy romance or an inspirational sports movie -- it's the one about the dog that gets to dudes the most, perhaps because it's a story that's most relatable to them. It's a story they've already lived.

The infographic has a bunch of other dorky facts from their survey, like the top five sex scenes, how many guys go the bathroom before a movie starts and the percentage of men who've streamed movies at work. Check it out below and click to enlarge.

Tell us guys: which movie always makes you cry?

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