Guess Which Classic 'Star Wars' Character Simon Pegg will Be Playing

Guess Which Classic 'Star Wars' Character Simon Pegg will Be Playing

Mar 01, 2012

We're pretty sure Simon Pegg has reached some sort of super-nerd status now that he's done Star Trek, Dr. Who, Spaced, a Superman-related short and, most recently, Star Wars. It doesn't get much nerdier than that combo, and knowing the uber-geek Pegg is behind the scenes, we imagine his inner teenage self is loving every minute of it. Pegg's next fanboy stop will take him to Star Wars: The Clone Wars, where he'll be playing a character most will remember from The Empire Strikes Back.

Pegg will be playing Dengar (see animated image above; live-action version below), who was among the group of bounty hunters Darth Vader summons to track down the Millennium Falcon in Episode V, shortly after the Battle of Hoth. We don't see much of him, though we all remember this badass figure in snowtrooper armor with his head wrapped in cloth. While mysterious to those fans of the live-action films, Dengar does have a rich history, with connections to Han Solo. Read more about the character here.

Pegg will play Dengar in an episode of the animated series called "Bounty," where the character will team up with Boba Fett, Bossk and Asajj Ventress in an attempt to protect valuable cargo onboard a hover rail. Naturally others want that cargo too, and, well, you'll have to watch the episode to see what happens next.

You can check out a scene from the episode (which airs this Friday on Cartoon Network) over at EW, and we've posted a hilarious sketch involving Dengar from Robot Chicken below.

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