Guess Which Blockbuster Had More Mistakes Than Any Other Movie in 2011

Guess Which Blockbuster Had More Mistakes Than Any Other Movie in 2011

Dec 21, 2011

While we love movies to death here at, one of our favorite pastimes is watching them and spotting all the little mistakes in continuity. Sure, it’s a silly and nitpicky thing to do, but spotting errors in a movie has become a fun little game for most of us. They rarely ever ruin the movie, but instead seem like a cool bit of insider film geek knowledge.

Website Best Movie Mistakes is entirely dedicated to finding and cataloging all of the little errors in movies that keep filmmakers and continuity directors awake at night. Since it’s the end of the year, what better time than now for them to list their top 25 errors and most errors of 2011? Leading the way is Transformers: Dark of the Moon with 58 mistakes, followed by Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (52), X-Men: First Class (30), Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (20) and Super 8 (17).

They've also made their Best Movie Mistakes list interactive – allowing viewers to vote to push their favorite mistakes to the top of the leaderboard. Here are a few of our “favorites.”

X-Men: First Class: “In First Class, Professor X is made handicapped in 1962 at the end of the movie. In the previous X-Men movie, he was walking when he visited the girl (Jean) in the mid ‘70s with Magneto.” Yeah, we’d say that’s a pretty big continuity error, all right.

Hanna: “In the beginning, Eric reads to Hanna from an encyclopedia. He first talks about the blue whale. Hanna asks him about music and then he turns two pages further and reads the article about music. This is impossible if he was looking up the whale under the letter "W", because he then would have had to turn a lot of pages back, instead of further. Also, had the entry been under the letter "B" from blue, it would have been further than 2 pages. He could not have been looking up the word "mammal", because there would not be more than the mentioning of the name "Whale" under that description, and not an entire explanation plus picture of this animal like in the movie. If he would want info on the Whale like the info he read, he would have had to look it up under the letter "W", this is true in any encyclopedia.” The amount of thought that went into this one is truly staggering – and a little frightening.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1: “When Bella calls Rosalie, you can briefly see the cell phone screen before she puts it to her ear. The lock screen is still visible, showing she didn't dial anything.” That one’s pretty funny – gotta be careful with those cell phones these days, they’re not like the old fashioned phones that didn’t have touchscreens and all that other jazz.

And finally, our vote for the most bizarre and obscure “mistake” of the year comes from Duncan Jones’ Source Code. We’ll just let it speak for itself… “This scene is repeated multiple times in the movie: usually when the main character enters the "source code" the scene begins by panning over a small pond showing a Canadian goose taking flight. However the sound editor makes the mistake of dubbing in a recording of a hen mallard duck.” God, how could someone be dumb enough to mistake a hen mallard duck for a Canadian goose? We hope those people got fired for committing such an obvious and egregious error.

Check out all 25 nominees by heading over to Best Movie Mistakes and vote for your favorites. 

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