Guess Which of the Avengers Had the Most Screen Time

Guess Which of the Avengers Had the Most Screen Time

May 14, 2012

One of the most difficult things to pull off in The Avengers was giving each member of this giant all-star ensemble their own storyline and screen time so that no one was left sitting alone in the corner when sh*t hits the fan and earth needs its heroes to save the day. But just how much screen time did each Avenger receive? Did everyone get close to the same amount of time on screen, or did certain heroes get a lot more than others?

Vulture decided to take in a screening of The Avengers -- which just became the quickest movie to $1 billion in worldwide box office over the weekend -- and bring a stopwatch to clock exactly how much screen time each hero received. Did Mr. Joss Whedon favor one over another? The results may actually surprise you.

Here's Vulture's rules: Using the stopwatch setting on the iPhone’s clock function, we timed the entire film (opening scene to beginning of end credits, about 2:12:56), marking off when characters came on- and off-screen. Rather than time each and every tiny cut, we took note of the length of scenes in which characters were prominently featured (scenes in which multiple Avengers were present, like the group conversations on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, counted toward each character’s tally) as well as multi-second insert shots (nine seconds of Black Widow and Bruce Banner lying injured after the ship is attacked, for example).

The results? 

Hawkeye: 12:44

Thor: 25:52

Bruce Banner/Hulk: 28:03

Black Widow: 33:35

Iron Man/Tony Stark: 37:01

Captain America: 37:42

We know Whedon loves his female badasses, which is probably why Black Widow came in third on this list (we wouldn't be surprised if Whedon pushes for more female superheroes in subsequent sequels). What is surprising is Captain America beating Iron Man by 41 seconds, and the waste of Jeremy Renner. 12 minutes? Really? Poor Hawkeye -- here's hoping they give him more to do next time around.

Check out much more over at Vulture.

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