Guess How Much Nicolas Cage's 'Superman' Comic Sold for at Auction

Guess How Much Nicolas Cage's 'Superman' Comic Sold for at Auction

Dec 01, 2011

The crazy, mysterious 12-year saga behind Nicolas Cage's famed copy of Action Comics #1 -- featuring the first-ever appearance of Superman from 1938 -- has finally come to an end ... for now. Cage's copy, which received the highest-ever grade (for this particular comic) of CGC 9.0, had gone missing for a decade after it was stolen from Cage's home, along with a couple of other vintage comics, back in 2000. Recovered by police in 2011 in a San Fernando Valley storage locker, the comic -- said to be the most famous and important individual copy of any comic book in the world -- just recently went to auction where it fetched the highest amount ever paid for a single comic book: $2,161,000.

The previous record-holder also belongs to Action Comics #1 (CGC 8.5), which sold for $1.5 million in 2010, and an Action Comics #1 (CGC 8.0) sold for $1 million in 2010 as well. The odd thing about this story is that no one even knows whether Cage still owns the comic. When it was finally located, Cage said he'd be looking to get it back, though information has been sketchy due to insurance claims and Cage's recent money woes. THR once claimed that Cage is "believed" to be the owner, though Comic Connect (who auctioned it off) would not disclose the identity of the seller, which means we'll have to hit up Cage with questions the next time he's doing press for a movie.

Check out a full image of the Nicolas Cage copy of Action Comics #1 below, courtesy of Bleeding Cool.

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