Grumpy Old Boxers? Stallone and De Niro to Get Back in the Ring

Grumpy Old Boxers? Stallone and De Niro to Get Back in the Ring

Oct 22, 2010

I'm not sure why Hollywood insists on forcing actors to keep playing the same types of popular roles until they're old and slow and have no business fighting one another to the death, or jumping out of helicopters before they explode over a snowy mountaintop. Yeah it's kinda fun to see Sylvester Stallone play Rocky Balboa for the 15th time in the same way it's kinda fun to slow down to check out the after effects of a car accident on the highway, but there comes a point when enough is enough. Unfortunately, Stallone doesn't know where that point is (or that it even exists) because he's once again looking to get back in the boxing ring, only this time he's bringing Robert "I've Become An Old Fart" De Niro along with him.

Word has it Stallone and De Niro are teaming up for a film called Grudge Match, about two aging retired boxers who decide to come out of retirement for one last match. At 67, De Niro would be the older one of the two, and therefore the one most likely to be laughed at as he struts around the ring with a belly and that iconic frown in an attempt to remind folks that he's still got it ... even though the last time he actually had "it" was 30 years ago in the film Ranging Bull. Meanwhile, at 64, Stallone would be the clear favorite, especially considering the fact that the guy is still jacked and starring in one ridiculously over-the-top action film after another. I think we've already come to the agreement that Stallone will continue to make somewhat watchable action movies until he dies, and even then I bet he'll find some way to return from the dead to make another Rambo.

De Niro vs. Stallone? The film would be better than the last wreck you slowed down to see, yet somehow I envision us leaving the theater with that feeling you get in your stomach when you forget to call Grandpa on his birthday, even though he doesn't remember it's his birthday anymore.

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