Watch: Michael Cera Is Like a Sadder and Angrier Napoleon Dynamite in 'Gregory Go Boom'

Watch: Michael Cera Is Like a Sadder and Angrier Napoleon Dynamite in 'Gregory Go Boom'

May 22, 2013

It may be a bit weird to launch this short film during YouTube Comedy Week because it's about as dark as any recent dark comedy we've seen, and it's certainly not what you'd expect from someone like Michael Cera. But this is exactly why Gregory Go Boom is worth watching, if only to see the gradual rebirth of an actor who seemed to disappear when his dorky, nerdy shtick became too tiring and too repetitive for mainstream audiences. Now Cera is back tackling random projects with various friends, appearing recently on the festival circuit in two odd, eccentric films (Magic Magic, Crystal Fairy), and now in this short (from writer-director Janicza Bravo) where he plays a paraplegic with no friends and no life who sets off on three dates in the hopes of making an intimate connection with the opposite sex.

Along the way we meet his weird brother who lives by the sea, and a sister who he apparently despises. Eventually he finds one girl who takes to him, and the two use each other to briefly escape their individual hellish lives, except one of them is in it a bit deeper than the other. 

Gregory Go Boom is sad and depressing, and it's even hard to laugh because you know it's at the expense of some miserable dude who's stuck in a wheelchair. Whereas Napoleon Dynamite embraced its character's weirdness, Gregory Go Boom doesn't really embrace its character at all. It just hates on its character, and then never helps him redeem himself. We like that it takes risks, and actually enjoy the short as a whole, but be prepared because it's definitely not for everyone.

Oh, and never tell a woman she smells like goat. 



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