Green Lantern Special Effects Delaying Trailer

Green Lantern Special Effects Delaying Trailer

Mar 29, 2011

  • For those who have been wondering why there has only been one (poorly received) trailer for this June’s superhero movie The Green Lantern, blame it on the extensive amount of 3D special effects. Director Martin Campbell says that the $200 million superhero adventure movie has been delayed by “the massive visual and special effects work needed to finish the movie.” We only need to look back to last year to see what the end result of rushed 3D/CGI work produces: Clash of the Titans and The Last Airbender. Warner Bros. is still sticking to its June 17th release date, and though apprehensive about launching a second trailer, they will preview “elements” of the movie at both CinemaCon and Wondercon. A full trailer won’t arrive until May 6th, as part of the previews for Thor. So with the Lantern crew rushing to finish the movie, are you concerned that this movie might not live up to expectations? --Derrick Deane

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