A 'Green Lantern' Sequel Is Moving Forward Despite Studio Disappointment

A 'Green Lantern' Sequel Is Moving Forward Despite Studio Disappointment

Jun 27, 2011

Green Lantern PosterIt's no grand secret that Green Lantern isn't exactly a smash hit.  The first few trailers left a bad taste in fans' mouths, the early reviews ranged from scathing to, "Eh, at least it didn't run over your dog," (though it does have its fans) and now we know that audience turn out this past weekend evaporated (the last big budget superhero flick with a drop off nearest to Green Lantern's 66% tickets sale decline was Ang Lee's Hulk).  But despite all that, despite the studio themselves having (unofficially, of course) expressed their disappointment in its performance, Warner Bros. has reportedly decided to give Earth's first intergalactic space cop a shot at sequel redemption.

Of course, it's easy for blogs to beat up on a movie like Green Lantern when we're presented with statistics like aggregate critic scores, budget estimates ($200 million for production, nearly $100 million for advertising) and box office numbers, but those aren't the only numbers a studio needs to factor when deciding to go all-in on a franchise.  For example, we have no idea how much money Warner Bros.' is raking in on Green Lantern toy sales, but according to some pals in the retail sector, kids tug violently at their parent's hand every time they see a GL product on the shelf and it's easily one of the hottest toy line of the year.  So, while the Ryan Reynolds-led first film may be underperforming at the box office (it's not faring much better overseas, either), Warner Bros. still knows it's worth investing in further films for the product tie-in profits alone.

It's worth noting that at this point the studio hasn't officially announced a plan of action.  They haven't publicly hired a director or any writers, no new storylines have been hinted at and no dates given.  Until that day, you may want to take this unofficial announcement as a bit of studio posturing; a savvy way of saying, "Look, we know we can do better, so don't count Green Lantern out yet."  And if that means five more ticket buyers pay to experience Green Lantern's light, maybe one day it'll be a more than just posturing.

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