Eli Roth's New Horror Movie Premiered at Toronto and Already Is Getting a Sequel

Eli Roth's New Horror Movie Premiered at Toronto and Already Is Getting a Sequel

Sep 09, 2013

The Green Inferno

Eli Roth’s loving homage to the classic Italian cannibal films of the 1980s, The Green Inferno, made its debut at Toronto International Film Fest over the weekend. Roth and company must have been pleased with the reaction, because they’ve announced that a sequel is already in the planning stages.

The first film, which features a group of American student activists who run afoul of an Amazon cannibal tribe, will get a follow-up directed by Roth’s Aftershock helmer Nicholas Lopez. The duo promise that the sequel (dubbed Beyond the Green Inferno) will be a lot like Aliens, in that it will go “bigger, darker and scarier into the unknown.” Sounds promising – although if you’ve seen pretty much every Italian cannibal film from the golden era (something I proudly proclaim at dinner parties), I’m not sure how much more into the unknown we can really go. These things tend to follow a pretty predictable pattern.

On a slightly unrelated note, when you do see The Green Inferno, stick around for the credits. There’s no postcredit sequence as far as I know, but you will get an interesting history lesson on the cannibal film subgenre. Roth, ever the devoted fan, lists all of the classic cannibal films, their alternate titles, and directors – so if you love The Green Inferno, you can easily check out some of the movies that inspired it. Very cool on Roth’s part. He gets some flack from the horror community as a whole, but the guy’s definitely a fan.

With all that out of the way, I’m excited to see The Green Inferno and pleased that we’ll be seeing more jungle adventures in the future. Cannibal flicks making a comeback would make a nice change of pace from all the zombie flicks we've had to sit through for the past decade.

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