Great Scott! New DeLoreans Will Be on the Market Next Year!

Great Scott! New DeLoreans Will Be on the Market Next Year!

Jan 27, 2016

Typically car companies try to be innovative, pushing design and technology forward with each year's new model. But nobody wants to see the DeLorean Motor Company make cars that seem like they belong in our time let alone the future. Well, maybe they'd like them to fly and run on garbage, but as far as the appearance of the DeLorean DMC-12 goes, there's no reason to update the look of the vehicle from its only ever design, from the early 1980s. Founder and namesake John DeLorean actually hated the idea of drastic changes to car models every year anyway, believing them to be just a sales gimmick. 

So, when the newly rebooted incarnation of the company gets going on manufacturing all new DeLoreans very soon, they'll still be the same old style made famous by Back to the Future. Stainless steel exterior, gull-wing doors and a flux capicator included in every one. Just kidding about the flux capacitor. Those you'll have to add yourself, either in replica form or when you invent time travel for real on your own. The DeLorean Motor Company is currently based in Humble, Texas, and annouced this week that they're aiming for a total of 300 new and refurbished cars, with the first one available in early 2017.

This is great news for Back to the Future fans and car collectors alike who haven't been able to acquire one of the few existing models and replicas from the original run or the production of the movie and its sequels. Whether or not they hope to add the pieces to make it look like any of the versions from the Back to the Future trilogy, this going to be a cool car to own and especially to drive around in. And because they are indeed being manufactured for road use, they won't just be show cars. Just get a clever license plate for the back and figure out where you ought to drive your DeLorean to.

Here are some of our ideas, to get you started:

Courthouse Square - part of the Universal Studios backlot in Universal City, California, so you need to park and take the tour. Sorry, no racing past it at 85mph. 

Twin Pines/Lone Pine Mall - actually Puente Hills Mall in City of Industry, California. Find a friend with a Volkswagon bus and meet them in the parking lot.

Hill Valley High School - actually Whittier Union High School in Whittier, California, which is in use so off limits to the public during school hours and probably to slackers at all other times. Also, for the location of the Under the Enchantment of the Sea dance, that's at the Hollywood United Methodist Church in Hollywood, California. 

The 1985 McFly Residence in "Lyon Estates" - actually in Pacoima, California, and it's a private residence, so just drive by. Also, the nearby entrance to "Lyon Estates" is a public area. 

The 2015 McFly Residence in "Hilldale" - actually in El Monte, California, also private and in a gated community, so just pass by.

Doc Brown's 1955 Mansion - actually two different homes in Pasadena, California, one private and one open to fans.

River Run Tunnel - actually Observation Tunnel at Griffith Park in Hollywood, California, which is also the entrance to Toon Town in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Pohatchee Drive-In and desert beyond the outskirts of Hill Valley - actually Monument Valley, Utah, parts of which you can drive through or at least visit on guided tour.  





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