Find Out What's Next for the Father-Son Team Who Brought Us 'Gravity'

Find Out What's Next for the Father-Son Team Who Brought Us 'Gravity'

Oct 18, 2013

Gravity posterAlfonso Cuaron and his son Jonas are still basking in the warm glow of Gravity's success, but Hollywood is a fickle town -- and if you don't start lining up new projects while you're hot, you could easily become yesterday's news. As such, we've got the latest inside scoop on the father-son duo's upcoming projects.
Variety reports that Jonas Cuaron is now attached to Warner Bros.' The Lost City. We don't know much about the plot details of the film, but it is set in the lost underwater city of Atlantis. Warner Bros. is reportedly excited to reteam with the younger Cuaron on this feature, as are we. Warners has high hopes for this feature, and had even reportedly approached Peter Jackson about directing at one point. Whether the older Cuaron will eventually direct, we don't know, but it's likely the studio will want him to. Expect to hear more about the film in the weeks ahead, but in the meantime you can read all about the short Gravity companion film Jonas made here.
Before Cuaron gets to that project, he'll be reteaming with his father and uncle (both will serve as producers) on a film entitled Desierto. Gael Garcia Bernal will star in this tale set on the Mexican border that's being compared to Manhunter. Filming is set to begin early next year. 
Of the two titles, we're more intrigued by The Lost City, if only because you don't see a lot of stories about Atlantis these days. Maybe it's just wishful thinking on my part, but here's to hoping this film will fill the void left when Gore Verbinski's Bioshock movie was canceled a few years back.



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