This 'Grand Piano' TV Spot Is a Timely Reminder This Great Thriller Hits VOD Today

This 'Grand Piano' TV Spot Is a Timely Reminder This Great Thriller Hits VOD Today

Jan 30, 2014

There's not a lot hitting theaters this weekend, but don't freak out about having nothing new to watch. Just fire up your On Demand platform of choice (iTunes, Vudu, Pay Per View and so on) and look for Grand Piano. We promise you will not be disappointed.

Directed by Eugenio Mira (Agnosia) and written by Damien Chazelle (who wrote and directed this year's big Sundance favorite Whiplash), Grand Piano stars Elijah Wood as a brilliant pianist about to give the concert of his life, only to discover that there's a sniper hiding somewhere in the theater ready to blow his head off if he messes up a very specific part of the performance.

Yes, we realize that sounds like a rather absurd premise, and it is, but the result is a very fun, smart, beautifully orchestrated thriller about a man fighting for his life in front of hundreds of people he can't ask for help. 

To help get you excited Magnolia has given us a TV spot to premiere online. It's only 30 seconds long, but it should give a nice taste of what's in store. 

If you liked that, we highly encourage you to seek out Grand Piano on your VOD service of choice this weekend. It's definitely worth it. And if you'd like to hold off for the big screen, it'll hit theaters on March 7, 2014.



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