Buy a 'Gran Torino' Lunch Box As Funny as the Film

Buy a 'Gran Torino' Lunch Box As Funny as the Film

Sep 07, 2011

Gran Torino Lunchbox

Artist extraoridnare Brandon Bird has done some fun things with his artwork in the past.  He's made Valentine's Day cards and coloring books, but now he's gone and topped both of those novelties with his new line of hard plastic, Thermos-brand lunchboxes that any film geek (or hipster) would be proud to own.  

The boxes are currently available in two models, Eric Roberts (for the lucky ladies) and Gran Torino (for fans of the Saturday morning cartoon).  And if protecting your PB&J or PBR lunch isn't your style, don't worry, both of these are available as limited edition, signed prints (and there's only 50 of each, so you better act quick).

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