Alcohol Is the Key to Survival in the Trailer for the Irish Horror-Comedy 'Grabbers'

Alcohol Is the Key to Survival in the Trailer for the Irish Horror-Comedy 'Grabbers'

Jul 16, 2012

Irish director Jon Wright's Grabbers is a tentacle-happy horror-comedy that features a host of bloodthirsty monsters that resemble Cthulhu's cousins. There's also a whole lot of booze on display. When the residents of a remote Irish village find their coastal turf invaded by sea creatures, they soon realize the only way to fend them off is to get rip-roaring drunk. The safety of the sleepy fishing population is guarded by an odd couple — two cops who couldn't be more opposite. One is a slacker alcoholic and the other a "by-the-book woman from the mainland." Slimy, fishy shenanigans ensue.

The film premiered at Sundance earlier this year, and Twitch's review speaks favorably of the sozzled import:

"Director Jon Wright has a fabulous sense of composition and timing, a great eye for composition coupled with a fabulous sense of just how far to push a joke. He's helped greatly on that front by a sharp script from Kevin Lehane and sterling performances from the entire cast with Richard Coyle, Russell Tovey and Lalor Roddy as the town's perpetually drunk fisherman Paddy standing out in particular. The creatures — essentially a big ball of tentacles with a hungry, hungry mouth in the middle — are pretty fantastic as well."

Check out the trailer below and beware of Grabbers in theaters in August if you live in the Emerald Isle.

[via Twitch]

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