Got $400? You'll Need It to Buy Avatar on Blu-ray 3D

Got $400? You'll Need It to Buy Avatar on Blu-ray 3D

Dec 03, 2010

By now most Na'vi nuts know that the only way to visit Pandora in three dimensions at home is to buy the Avatar Blu-ray 3D as part of an exclusive bundle with a new Panasonic television. That's great news if you are in the market for a new Panasonic 3-D HDTV, but not so enticing if you already bought another brand of television. Although the 3-D Avatar Blu-ray won't be available in stores for some time, that doesn't mean you can't buy it if you really want it now and cannot wait. Amazon will send you a copy for just shy of $400, and there are several available on eBay that are priced well into the triple digits as well.

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