New 'The Good Dinosaur' Trailer Aims for the Kiddos

New 'The Good Dinosaur' Trailer Aims for the Kiddos

Jul 21, 2015

Pixar has long had a reputation as being a company that makes animated movies that can be enjoyed just as much by adults as they can kids. It started with Toy Story and has continued ever since, even if a Cars does sneak in there every now and then. This dual nature of their movies is basically what separated a Pixar movie from all of the other animation studios out there. Or, at least that used to be the case, but lately we've been getting remarkable animated movies from a bunch of non-Pixar studios.

The new trailer for The Good Dinosaur, however, looks like it's aiming squarely at the kiddos for now. That may not be the case when it roars to theaters on November 25, 2015, but between this and the teaser trailer, there's nearly zero story unveiled and really just a lot of soft imagery of a young dino frolicking with a young human. That may be because the voice cast hasn't actually locked in all of their lines yet, so instead all the marketing team can play with is some playful dino and kid material, but eventually Disney will have to show off a bit more on the story front.

Perhaps they will at their upcoming D23 Expo, which will include new looks at Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm projects. That'll be on August 14-16.


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