'A Good Day to Die Hard' Trailer Looks Almost Nothing Like a 'Die Hard' Movie

'A Good Day to Die Hard' Trailer Looks Almost Nothing Like a 'Die Hard' Movie

Oct 04, 2012

Call us purists if you must, but the Die Hard franchise is defined by one thing: John McClane outnumbered and outgunned, but making the best of it through sheer force of will. That's how he did it in Nakatomi Plaza, it's how he did it at Dulles International Airport, and it's even how he and Samuel L. Jackson did it all over New York City. But then Live Free or Die Hard had to come along and change everything.

Len Wiseman's film sought to remove the determined physicality that was John McClane, putting him into increasingly implausible, CGI-aided scenarios. So, if you thought a tired beat cop launching cars at helicopters and standing off against a fighter jet was not old-school John McClane, you might not even want to press play on the teaser trailer for A Good Day to Die Hard.

Directed by John Moore (Behind Enemy Lines), Die Hard 5's first mistake is taking John McClane out of America and into, of all places, Moscow. Its second mistake is, well, everything else. The stakes here are larger than ever, there's large-scale destruction left and right, and there's even a woman stripping out of her clothes, because why not. We're not saying it looks like a bad Bruce Willis action movie - it looks fine on that front - it just does not look like a Die Hard movie. Then again, we already saw this coming when Moore said the film wouldn't have McClane's humor, but would have a car chase that took 78 days to film...

But what say you? Are we overreacting here?

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