Nerd Watch: Guy Hires Gollum to Hand Him Rings During Wedding Ceremony (VIDEO)

Nerd Watch: Guy Hires Gollum to Hand Him Rings During Wedding Ceremony (VIDEO)

Aug 10, 2011

These days the reality shows are in love with weddings, and the planning of weddings. We have shows about Bridezillas and ones about choosing the right wedding dress. And then we have shows about extravagant weddings, or odd weddings, or really super dirt cheap weddings. No matter what kind of wedding it is, chances are there's a show for it. Take Four Weddings, for example. This TLC show features four different brides who each attend (and rate) each other's weddings. Whoever has the highest rated wedding gets a free honeymoon.

Naturally, when TV cameras are present, the brides (and grooms) are going to try to be as creative as possible. Take these folks, who decided to forego having the best man or cute little nephew carry the rings to them during the ceremony and instead hired some dude in a skin-tight, skin-colored Gollum costume to prance on up to the about-to-be-married couple and do a little Lord of the Rings-inspired performance before allowing the ceremony to continue.

The other "brides" on the show act horrified, and you can tell none of them actually get the reference. Meanwhile, the bride seems to laugh it off, and the groom loves every minute of it. Gotta say we haven't seen this one before ...


[via Topless Robot]

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